The short answer is no, we highly recommend starting the kit immediately.

Here I will explain what you should do if you unsuspectedly do have to leave your beloved grow kit alone. 

I have to go on an unexpected trip away from my home, what do I do?

With all of the grow kits that we offer, we always recommend starting the growing process as soon as possible.

Our grow kits are fresh products so the earlier you start, the better your harvest will be.

If there is a case where you have to wait with the cultivation you should do it at least within 2 weeks after receiving the kit. While the kit is not growing you should always keep it in the fridge. Never keep it in the freezer.

If there is a case where you want to go away for a week or so after receiving the kit it is always good to just start the kit anyway. I'll outline what is best for the different brands of kits specifically.


Mondo kits do not need a lot of work in the first week or 2. if you are not there to give it water or oxygen for this time this is possible but of course not recommended.

In this case, you can pour about 150 ml of water into the bottom of the grow bag (not in the box) so the humidity stays high. Then when you get back from your trip make sure to give it a lot of fresh oxygen by opening the bag and pushing the sides together, to push the old air out. Now pull the sides of the bag away from each other again so fresh air is sucked inside. Repeat this a couple of times! from now on you should do this daily.

The mushrooms usually will not be fully grown before the 2 week mark, so it is alright to leave them alone for this time. Of course do keep in mind the placing and the temperature.


Freshmushroom kits do not need to be vented or sprayed with water so these ones will be fine on their own as well for about a week and a half. The only action you need to undertake with them comes when the pins of the mushrooms start hitting the plastic. At this point, the grow bag needs to be put upright. 

This does not happen until 7-10 days as a minimum, so you can leave this kit alone for this amount of time. Then when you get back maybe you are lucky to come home to the start of the first flush. Of course, do keep in mind the placing and the temperature.


This peculiar kit needs a lot of fresh air and spraying daily until the pins start showing up. So it is best not to leave this kit alone. for about a week you can keep it in your fridge but be advised that this kit does not have air filters in the lid so it can breathe better. This also means that other contaminants can come in easily into the kit. and in the end, most fridges have a lot of tiny molds in them already. 

The best thing to do if you just received this kit and you are called away is to give this to your best friend to take care of it. 


You can keep the kit inside of the fridge before starting it but the longer it is in there the smaller the yield will be and the longer it can take for the mushrooms to actually start growing.