If you did not use your order number in the payment reference, we can still match your payment when your name is in the bank transfer.

When your name is in the bank transfer

We can match your payment if the name of the account holder is the same as in the order you made with us. 

We will search for the name of the bank account holder in our order system to see if it matches with an order and amount. If it does we will invoice your payment and ship your order. 

You will get an email notification and payment confirmation when your payment is found and matched to your order.

No name in the bank transfer ?

If the name of the bank account holder and the name used in your order are not the same there is no way for us to match your order. to the payment

Please send us a ticket and provide the following information;

  1. The account holders name, used in the bank transfer
  2. The order number for which the payment is done
  3. The name of the bank or transfer service used for the payment.
  4. The date the transfer was made
  5. Any reference number used in the transfer

Without the name or order number we can not process your order. We will mark the payment, as a ghost payment and refund it on a later date to the account it came from.