We accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies like Monero, Neo, Ethereum, Litecoin and many more

Place an order on our website and choose one of the options:

  1. Bitcoin | Pay from your Wallet | Bitcoin Only!
  2. Cryptocurrency | Pay from your Exchange Platform

You will be directed to a secure page were you can pay for your order by scanning a QR code. That's it now wait until we invoice your payment :)

Please notice option 1 is Bitcoin only! Transfer directly from your wallet to pay for you order. If you want to transfer cryptocoin from an exchange, like Bittrex, Binance or Poloniex, use payment option 2. 

Option 1: Bitcoin | Pay from your Wallet | Bitcoin Only!

  • Simple and Fast
  • Scan the QR and it's done
  • Choose for the Lightning network
  • Pay exact amount, within 10 minutes, otherwise order is canceled

Option 2:  Cryptocurrency | Pay from your Exchange Platform you have more options to complete you transfer

  • Scan QR to pay
  • Multiple currencies
  • Use Exchanges
  • More time to transfer up to 3 hours

Read more about the payment options you can use : Payment methods