The payment of your order can take some time before it's with us. We always  send you an email with the confirmation of your payment as soon as we received it in our account.

No Email received ? Please check your junk/spam for our message, maybe it ended up there.

How long does my payment take?

Your payment takes time to get in our account:

  1. Bank transfer: takes 1-5 work days. When transferred on Friday or in the weekends it takes longer to get to us.

  2. Mail: Send your payment by mail? It can takes 1 day till 2 weeks before it arrives. Make sure to send it registered and with a tracking code. This way you know were it is, when it will arrive and it is insured.

  3. Other: Bitcoin, PayPal or other transfer services are most times directly transferred or take 1-2 days to clear.

Or we can not match your payment. This means your payment is received but we do not know from whom it is.

We can not match you payment if:

  1. No order number is used in the transfer
  2. The name of the account holder is different from the order made with us.

Because there is no order number in the payment reference and your name is different from the name in the order we can not contact your payment to your order.

Contact us with your order number and account name and we can process your order for shipment.

More information about our payment options