Perhaps the services of a 'Money Transfer Service' would be interesting for you to use to complete international payments. On the internet there are several companies making these payments very easy for a low fee or an acceptable exchange rate. Many of our customers are hesitant to pay the ridiculous fees that banks sometimes charge for inter-currency payments.
Here is an (incomplete) lists of Money Transfer Services we can recommend:

When you wish to use a 'Money Transfer Service' there are two things you should do:

  1. Place an order in our web shop and choose for the payment method: "Pay in advance | by bank transfer (SEPA)". You will receive your order number and our bank details by email that you will need to complete the payment using the Money Transfer Service.

  2. When you make the payment using a Money Transfer Service, make sure to include the order number you have received, and if this isn't possible, at least the name of the order recipient. If this information is not present, it is not possible for us to match the payment to the order. Therefore including the order number or name is very important for fast order processing.

  3. Send us a message that includes the reference use in the payment and provided by the payment provider, this make it easier to find the payment. Hopefully this is helpful to you, so you can complete the payment and receive the items you have ordered.