We ask for a phone number to make it possible to contact you in case some extra information is needed or if there is some information that needs to be corrected. 

We might call you if there is an issue with the payment, order or address. 

We usually communicate via email. But maybe we are not receiving a reply via email or maybe we notice that the email address is incorrect. A quick phone call can ensure that everything is clear and that your order arrives safely as soon as possible. 

In case there is an issue with the shipment, the shipping company might call you.

The shipping company might call your number to verify information, ask for an address correction, or discuss the issue with the shipment.

For example: When you are no at home, UPS might call you to make a new delivery appointment.

Please note! Shipping companies will usually just give a tracking link and expect the receiver the keep an eye on the link. They usually also expect the receiver to contact them, or us, when there is a delay or issue on the tracking status

No phone number?

If you do not want to add you phone number put in "-" instead of a fake number.